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In an effort to enhance the HIV care within rural Oklahoma, the e-HERO (ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Rural Oklahoma) project will develop innovative, culturally-congruent programming in order to diagnose persons with HIV (PWH) as soon as possible then treat people with HIV rapidly and effectively.

  • Leverage the resources of public and private members of the e-HERO Network including Tri-CHIO, Great Salt Plains Health Centers, Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences, St. Mary’s hospital, Enid Community Clinic and other partners.

  • Conduct a detailed community and provider needs assessment to identify opportunities and gaps in the HIV care continuum, including HIV prevention, screening, treatment, and access to care.

  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan that will address gaps in the HIV care continuum identified in the needs assessments.

  • Provide education and training to each partner of the Network and community stakeholders on topics related to HIV prevention and care, such as HIV Screening, communicating with PWH, and various prevention and treatment options.

  • Complete a robust sustainability plan that identifies long-term strategies for operationalized activities in the strategic plan.

Flier for Participant Recruitment e-HERO
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