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Nursing Residency Program

Rural Health Projects, Inc./Northwest Area Health Education Center (NwAHEC) working closely under the guidance and recommendations of the Nursing Professions Workgroup under the Health Workforce Subcommittee of the Governor’s Council on Workforce & Economic Development, proposed to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive, online Nursing Residency Program (NRP) that is employer-led.    This action is in response to the increasing need for additional training new nursing graduates as well as the needs of the rural hospital facilities to hire and retain well-trained nurses in their struggling facilities.  Due to the expensive nature in staff hours and training equipment of a NRP, the Nursing Professions Workgroup recommended an online version, which is more affordable and convenient for the area’s struggling rural hospital facilities. Online NRPs are proven to help new nursing graduates build communication confidence with patients, families, and other healthcare providers; improve leadership abilities; and improve organizational and prioritization skills.  

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